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My name is Nadia Simone Day, and I enjoy mixing fairy dust into my cookery & spices to better keep you coming back for more (at least that’s the word around town).  My moniker the heartful chef comes from the reverence of cooking as a divine, ancient art.  Cookery is a multi-sensory experience where there is inspiration to be found everywherere; in music, film, poetry, photography, street art, craftsmanship, table dressing,  nature, foraging, farmer’s market’s, the holistic, stylish, rustic, and refined.  The beauty of having the ability to play with ingredients such as, saffron, ginger, rosemary, thyme, turmeric, lavender, juniper berries, wood betony, cayenne, nutmeg & cinnamon mmm… the list is endless~the gift to play, fuse and marry whimsical ingredients in a harmonious fashion is the most fun a lady like me can have in the kitchen.  We are cultivating a movement of art, life and love.